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A collaborative encyclopedia for the Japanese survival show Produce 101 Japan that anyone can edit.
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Mamehara Issei The Star 1.png
Mamehara Issei
Kawashiri Ren The Star 1.png
Kawashiri Ren
Kawanishi Takumi The Star 1.png
Kawanishi Takumi
Ohira Shosei The Star 1.png
Ohira Shosei
Tsurubo Shion The Star 1.png
Tsurubo Shion
Shiroiwa Ruki The Star 1.png
Shiroiwa Ruki
Sato Keigo The Star 1.png
Sato Keigo
Kimata Syoya The Star 1.png
Kimata Syoya
Kono Junki The Star 1.png
Kono Junki
Kinjo Sukai The Star 1.png
Kinjo Sukai
Yonashiro Sho The Star 1.png
Yonashiro Sho



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Groups : I.O.IWanna OneRocket Girls 101IZ*ONEX1R1SEJO1Bonbon Girls 303INTO1INI

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Date Event
May 27 Episode 8 broadcast (GYAO!)
May 28 End of second voting period
Episode 8 overseas broadcast (YouTube)
June 3 Episode 9 broadcast (GYAO!)
June 4 Episode 9 overseas broadcast (YouTube)
June 13 Final episode broadcast (TBS)